2020-02-18 12:18:00

Investigators file for arrest of suspected assailant of Moscow churchgoers

Moscow, February 18, Interfax - The Moscow Tagansky District Court will hear an investigator's motion for arresting Yefim Yefimov, who is suspected of attacking churchgoers in Moscow on Sunday, a court representative told Interfax.

"The court has received an investigator's motion for ordering the arrest of Y.V. Yefimov as a restrictive measure," court press secretary Zulfia Gurinchuk told on Tuesday.

Russian Interior Ministry spokesperson Irina Volk, in turn, told Interfax that a criminal case had been opened against a man born in 1993 on counts of hooliganism and assault after he attacked churchgoers on Bakuninskaya Street.

The assailant broke into the altar area of the St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and stabbed two men with a knife. Other churchgoers prevented the assailant from escaping.

A police patrol detained the suspect on site and identified him as a 26-year-old Lipetsk resident, who had no earlier criminal record. A knife, gloves, and a bag containing a plant-based substance were seized from him. The substance was identified as marijuana.

According to Volk, the criminal inquiry is being conducted by the investigative department of the Moscow Interior Ministry's branch in the Moscow Central Administrative District.