2020-02-13 17:31:00

No same-sex marriage to be legitimized in Russia as long as I am president - Putin (updated)

Novo-Ogaryovo, February 13, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin said that as long as he remains in office, Russia will not legitimize same-sex marriages.

"As concerns Parent No. 1 and Parent No. 2, I've said publicly some time ago, and I'll repeat once again now: as long as I am president, we won't have parents number one and number two, we will have Mom and Dad," Putin said at a meeting with members of a working group for preparing constitutional amendments on Thursday.

State Duma deputy Olga Batalina said at the meeting that the working group had received numerous proposals on stipulating the notion of traditional family in the Constitution.

Only ten years ago, nobody could have imagined that the words mom and dad could be gradually ousted by the notions of parent No. 1 and parent No. 2, while this has "become a reality in some countries," Batalina said.

"This is what prompted some authors sending their amendments to us to propose that the Constitution stipulate that a family is a union of a man and a woman," she said.

Putin replied that such wording is questionable.

"You've said a family is a union of a man and a woman. What if this is an incomplete family? What then? Let's pinpoint some things. A marriage is a union of a man and a woman, but it's slightly different when it comes to a family," he said.

While the idea itself is right and should be supported, "we should think how this should be worded and where," Putin said.

Presidential Children's Rights Commissioner Anna Kuznetsova told Interfax that she believed it was "important to adopt a constitutional amendment stipulating legal foundations of a marriage as a voluntary family union of a man and a woman, which is a well-timed measure aimed at preempting the distortion of notions."