2020-02-10 12:34:00

A woman could head the Russian Church synodal department

Moscow, February 10, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church allows that its synodal departments could be headed by women, even secular ones.

Recently, for the first time in the Vatican, a woman was appointed to a leading position when Francesca Giovanni became the Deputy Minister of the Holy See for Relations with States.

"In the future, I think there are no canonical obstacles to not only the deputy chairman of the synodal department, but also the chairman of the synodal department could be a woman. And I think that we are ahead of the Vatican in this sense because we have a woman who heads the legal service of the Patriarchate, "said Metropolitan Hilarion, head of the Department for External Church Relations, answering questions in The Church and the Peace program on Russia-24 TV.

The metropolitan noted that the appointment of a woman to the leading synodal post is quite possible because the church charter does not require that all synodal departments be headed by representatives of the clergy. "And where this is not required by church rules, a woman may well head the appropriate structure," he added.

Along the way, Metropolitan Hilarion expressed disagreement with the opinion that there is discrimination against women in the Orthodox Church. This is "completely untrue," he said.