2020-01-15 17:49:00

Russian Church praises Putin's attention to traditional values of Russians

*** It was an address of a national leader, rather than an official

Moscow, January 15, Interfax - Russian Orthodox Church highly praises attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin to traditional values, which he paid at his annual address to the parliament.

"This address especially focused and deep. Many people paid attention to specific facts - to concrete figures, to the serious fundamental changes, which were marked for existing of a family. However, I would like say that its cross-cutting theme were such words as "values" and "dignity," the church speaker Vladimir Legoyda told Interfax on Wednesday.

According to him, when in the beginning of his address the president spoke about preservation of nation he said it was very important for Russia to have many people, but stressed that the values these people will for were also very important. "And for the Church it is the most important moment, which combines material and non-material, which forms the hierarchy of values," Legoyda said.

Among other important aspects he said that the president connects the country's prosperity with citizens' prosperity, "a person again is in the center of the presidential address, but it is a person oriented to the traditional values, it was seen in the part referring to a family".

Besides, Legoyda called principal the fact that the president spoke about education as a unity of teaching and bringing up.

The church official said that "it was an address of a state official of the highest level and a national leader who operates with fundamental categories of values."