2020-01-13 19:36:00

The Russian Orthodox Church official believes Stalin could have become a good bishop

Moscow, January 13, Interfax - Joseph Stalin could have become a good church leader, if he had graduated from a seminary and had not abandoned the Church, the Russian Church Education Committee official said.

"He had an ability to manage, to see the things globally, to take strategical decisions. If he had not rejected the Christian tradition (or if had not been pushed away) and his abilities to strategic decisions and global outlook had been combined with Gospels morality, mercy and forgiveness, Stalin could have become a good leader - either a church or a state one," head of the Russian Church Education Committee Archpriest Maxim Kozlov said in his interview with Business-Online website.

Thus the archpriest answered the question if he would have excluded Joseph Dzhugashvili from the seminary in Tiflis, if he had studied there in his times.

According to him, each person is destined by God to salvation and everyone has an opportunity to grow up to the level of a saint.

"We are not Calvinists who believe that certain people are destined to perish while others would certainly be saved. Thus, Stalin had a potential to the very high growth," the Russian Church official said.

He also noted that the more gifts a person who abandoned God had, the louder was his crash.

"Let us remember Leo Tolstoy, the measure of his talent and the measure of his worldview crash and scarcity in the end of his days. The same situation is here - if someone could have predicted who Joseph Dzhugashvili would be and had a chance not to lose this person, the best pedagogues of the Russian Church should have been attracted in order to direct him to the right way," the Education Committee head said.