2020-01-13 16:32:00

Russian Church predicts further schisms in western Protestant Churches

Moscow, January 13, Interfax - Protestant Churches of the USA and other western countries will face new schisms, the Moscow Patriarchate official believes.

"There are very conservative Protestants, who insist on observing Gospels moral norms, those who do not accept blessing of unisex marriages and other novelties. However, there are those who follow modern liberal standards and consider it possible to adopt church and moral teaching to these standards. This stratification takes place and we can predict further schism in the Protestant community. New churches and communities will be involved in it and will divide in two or more parts," - head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion said on air Church and the World program on Rossiya-24 TV.

The hierarch reminded of the schism that happened at the Episcopal Church of the USA, which made the Russian Church abrupt the dialogue with episcopals, though the Churches led a theological dialogue a d had joint humanitarian projects developed for dozens years.

"However, it is not the first schism and such schisms will take place in the future and it is connected mainly with the fact that Protestant communities in North America and certain western countries are revising basic moral norms," the hierarch is convinced.