2019-12-27 19:56:00

Over 100 'program' churches built in Moscow over 9 years

Moscow, December 27, Interfax - Ninety-two big churches and 18 small churches were built in the nine years of the program to build Orthodox churches in Moscow, the press service for Vladimir Resin, the curator of the program and a State Duma deputy, said.

"This list comprises 92 big (main) and 18 small churches. That is, we have de facto come close to the number 110 churches," Resin said.

The program envisages the construction of new churches in a ratio of one church to 20,000 people, he said.

Seven churches were commissioned in 2019 and another 12 are expecting to be commissioned. Twenty-nine churches are being actively built and 19 churches are preparing for construction. Another 47 objects are being designed and pre-design work is being done on 22 objects.

According to earlier reports, the leader in the number of churches whose foundation was laid down under the "Program 200" is the Moscow Southwestern Administrative District.

"Program 200," which envisages the construction and reconstruction of 200 Orthodox churches in all administrative districts of Moscow, except for the Central Administrative District, started in 2010 and is being financed with charity donations. The charity fund to support the construction of churches in Moscow has been created to accumulate donations. According to earlier reports, the 100th object is expected to be commissioned under the program before the end of this year.