2019-12-25 11:53:00

Some 64% of Ukrainians don't support shifting Christmas celebrations to December 25 - opinion poll

Kiev, December 25, Interfax - Only one in four (25%) Ukrainians supports the idea of shifting the celebration of Christmas from January 7 to December 25, while 64% of citizens are against this, according to a survey conducted by the Sociological Group Rating from December 5 to December 8.

According to the survey, 25% of Ukrainians surveyed support the idea of moving Christmas celebrations from January 7 to December 25, 64% of respondents were against the idea, another seven percent said they were indifferent to the issue, and four percent found it difficult to answer.

The number of people who support the date shift has increased over time; in 2016 only 15% of people supported the idea, and 69% were against it.

The majority of supporters for changing the date of Christmas are in the west: 43% support it, and almost the same number of respondents is against it. In other macro-regions, respondents were more likely to oppose the shift: 23% in the center of the country supported the idea, and 66% were against; in the south, 15% were for and 74% against; and in the east 14% supported the change, and 74% were against it.