2019-11-25 16:05:00

Russian Orthodox Church cautions against combating domestic violence with Western methods

Moscow, November 25, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church has supported participants of an event in defense of the traditional family, which was held in Moscow's Sokolniki Park last weekend in light of plans to adopt a bill on domestic violence.

"We consider the organization of a rally devoted to the bill on family and domestic violence to be a very important signal, which cannot be ignored," deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church, Society and Mass Media Relations Vakhtang Kipshidze, told Interfax on Monday.

The Orthodox public has no illusions about the existence of domestic violence and it threatening family wellbeing, Kipshidze said. "But the methods proposed in the bill that is being discussed raise a great deal of doubts," he said.

The Western experience of fighting domestic violence was applied in the work on the bill, Kipshidze said. "There are big questions about the effectiveness of this experience and whether it really prevents domestic violence. We know that the family has been seriously re-thought in the Western public-political and legal context, and the ultimate result does not meet the goal of strengthening the traditional family set by the Russian administration," he said.

Therefore, the Russian Church is working on the assumption that a comprehensive solution to the problem of domestic violence requires broad public debate and respect for the values of the traditional Russian family, not the constructs regarding the concept of the institution of family that have, unfortunately, been created in some Western states and are being used for further liquidation of the institution of the traditional family," Kipshidze said.