2019-11-06 11:42:00

The Russian Orthodox Church is responsible for the destiny of Orthodoxy all around the world

Moscow, November 6, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia mentioned special historical mission of the Russian Church, as according to him, it bears responsibility for the future of Orthodoxy all around the world.

“May the Lord unite us in the power of spirit, no matter where we live, in the capital, abroad, somewhere in Russian countryside, or in Ukraine or Byelorussia. We all are the one Russian Orthodox Church, bearing great responsibility not only for religious future of its flock, but I dare say for the future of Orthodox Church all around the world. May the Lord help us in bearing this glorious, but heavy cross,” he said after a liturgy in the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.

He celebrated that liturgy together with Metropolitan Jean of Dubna, head of the Russian parishes in Western Europe, which officially joined the Russian Orthodox Church a few days ago.

“Now, we are the one Church (...) I have an impression that our people abroad have experienced all possible sufferings and trials, and on these holy days above all our church splits and social divisions that have always accompanied church splits we come to closure on this question,” the patriarch said.

He regretted that restoration of unity with Russian emigrants displeased certain circles. “There are many forces out of the church who try, even today, to solve the seeds of hostility among Russian Orthodox people as they feel mystical fear before the one Russian Orthodox Church”, the patriarch said.

Addressing enemies of the church unity he urged them to give up their fears. “We are faithful people, we believe in our Lord and Savior, we went through trials and faced martyrdom, we are far from intrigues and political ambitions in church environment. We survived and went through all the trials in order to feel to joy of reunion and communication with pure hearts and minds,” the primate stressed.