2019-11-06 11:39:00

Patriarch Kirill says global Orthodoxy will overcome schism

Moscow. November 6, Interfax - The Orthodox Church will once overcome ongoing schisms, Patriarch Kirill said after a solemn liturgy in Moscow where the unity with parishes set up by Russian emigrants in Europe was finally restored.

Addressing people at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior the patriarch reminded that today schismatic trends appear in the Orthodox Church and communication among Churches is suspended as “canons are violated”.

“In the times of such canonical obscuration in minds of many, the canonical conscience of the Russian Church is enlightening, as it finds strength to overcome the last split resulted from civil disorder in Russia in the early 20th century. And we see the hand of God in it. Certainly, God is with us in this difficult time when we should not only grieve over new divisions, but we can also rejoice understanding that our way, the historical way of the Church, is in God’s hands,” Patriarch Kirill said.

He expressed confidence that the time would come when “we would be able to glorify God, Who is leading our Church to its entire unity following His wise way.”