2019-11-06 11:35:00

Head of Russian parishes in Europe believes the West has great missionary potential

Moscow, November 6, Interfax - Metropolitan Jean of Dubna, head of Russian Dioceses in Europe, believes that Russian mission in the West has good prospects.

“In the West as well as here many people are searching for Christ, they are expecting the Lord, they want to know who they are and materialistic civilization cannot respond to this question. It promises him happiness, but this happiness is not true spiritual joy, it is egoistic happiness, it is not the happiness of communication,” Metropolitan Jean told journalists in Moscow.

Thus he answered the Interfax question about missionary tasks of the archdiocese in the countries of Western Europe and potential of Orthodoxy in conditions of secularization of European society.

According to the metropolitan, “when a person is searching for God, he wants to communicate with someone”.

“We, Christians, are communicating with a personality, we are communicating with Christ. Our mission is to tell those who are coming to us that they are not alone, a person should understand that he is not alone,” he said.

Speaking about himself, Metropolitan Jean said that he is a native French, but he formed in a monastery head by Russian hegumen.

“I spent two years in that monastery, then I entered St. Sergius Institute. It was not easy I can confess. When the rector accepted me he asked what I was doing there, and gave me several days to think it over,” he said.

The hierarch also confessed that he was keen on reading Russian philosophers - Berdyaev, Lossky and other representatives of spiritual thought. According to him, when a western person meets with the Russian spiritual tradition, he sees very much in common.

“It influences very positively on a non-Russian person. We, western people, are filled with Russian philosophy and literature,” Metropolitan Jean said.

It was reported that a day earlier Patriarch Kirill handed over to John a document on the reunification of the Archdiocese, which was founded by emigres, with the Russian Orthodox Church, after 90 years of being in the jurisdiction of Constantinople Church.