2019-11-05 19:50:00

Leader of Russian parishes in Europe expects new "Russian Exarchate" communities to join Russian Orthodox Church

Moscow, November 5, Interfax - Not all communities and clerics of the Archdiocese of Russian parishes in Western Europe have made up their minds about their future, the archdiocese's leader said.

"At present I can say that we have retained 60 parishes but there are still some which will return to us," Metropolitan Jean told journalists in Moscow.

Ninety priests and deacons have remained and decided to continue the life of the archdiocese in communion with the Moscow Patriarchate.

"Around ten communities have remained under the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the rest are thinking," he said, adding that some parishes might join the Romanian Patriarchate or the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia. "But they have not decided yet," Metropolitan Jean said.

It was reported that a day earlier Patriarch Kirill handed over to John a document on the reunification of the Archdiocese, which was founded by emigres, with the Russian Orthodox Church, after 90 years of being in the jurisdiction of Constantinople Church.

Late last year the Synod in Istanbul unilaterally abolished the exarchate prompting it to seek new options of canonical existence, including by reuniting with the Russian Church. It was admitted by the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on October 7.