2019-10-04 10:00:00

The Maronite Patriarchate denies it has recognized the OCU

Beirut, October 4, Interfax - The Maronite Patriarchate denies the information that the visit of delegation of the new Church of Ukraine was held on invitation of the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and the whole East.

"Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and the Whole Levant cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi has never sent an invitation to the so-called OCU, as it was hurriedly reported by the OCU and spread by mass media," a source in the Maronite Patriarchate familiar with the situation reports.

He explained that members of a Maronite family brought a statue of St.Maron from Ukraine and set it up in their village in Lebanon. To celebrate the consecration of the statue they sent invitations to all Ukrainian Churches.

"On the request of Ukrainian Maronites, the Patriarchate provided Christian hospitality to the members of delegation even not knowing who they were," patriarchate's officials stressed pointing out that their contacts have never exceeded the frames of ordinary polite greetings, and there has never been even mentioning of invitation to come to Lebanon with an official visit conveyed to the OCU head or any other cleric."

Having learnt about misinformation about the OCU visit, the Maronite Patriarchate demanded through its representatives in Ukraine to correct this fake reports. However, according to the source, the OCU refused to make corrections.

"The Maronite Patriarchate is outraged with improper methods of the new Ukrainian structure that is desperately trying to gain recognition by unrighteous way, though its officials have discredited themselves by their own behavior," the source said.