2019-10-04 10:00:00

FJCR announcing two new synagogues in Crimea

Moscow, October 4, Interfax - Next year the Federation of the Jewish Communities of Russia plans to open new synagogues in four cities.

"A synagogue in Sevastopol is at the final stage of completion. We plan opening community centers in Saratov, Simferopol. In 2018 we received a historical building of the so-called "Soldier Synagogue" in Tomsk, the only wooden synagogue that survived. This year we plan to reconstruct the building and adapt it to its initial goals," FJCR President Alexander Boroda said in his interview with Interfax.

He also pointed out to the necessity to open a synagogue in Sochi. "It is a resort and business center of Russia, not only enough Jews live in it, but even more of them come to visit it every year," the rabbi said.

Besides, Boroda is sure that Jews need synagogues in walking distance, as according to the Jewish law, they are not allowed use any transport on Shabbat and feasts.

Late on September 29, followers of Judaism celebrated new 5780 year from the creation of the world. Traditionally they access the results of the year and make plans for the future.