2019-10-02 20:15:00

Chasids leave Uman

Moscow, October 2, Interfax - Chasidic pilgrims, who celebrated the Jewish New Year in Uman, the Cherkassy Region, are leaving the town in organized manner, the communication center of regional police office reports.

“Over 8,000 pilgrims have left Uman as to 10.00 a.m. It was earlier reported that about 27,000 pilgrims from eight countries of the world came here to celebrate the Rosh Hashanah. Over 550 police officers from 12 regions of Ukraine secured public order during public events in Uman,” the national police reports at its website.

The police received 72 reports about possible violations, registered were 15 criminal proceedings, including illegal use of weapons, illegal drug possession and robbery. No cases of emergency or rough violations of public order were allowed in Uman. Law enforcement agencies continue carrying out their service in places of pilgrimage in order to provide public order and security.