2019-09-30 10:37:00

Russian Church welcomes the news about reunion with "Russia exarchate" clerics

Moscow, September 30, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church welcomes the news about reunion with the majority of clerics of the "Russian exarchate" in Western Europe.

"Restoration of unity with the Russian Orthodox Church is restoration of historical justice fulfilling hopes of the first wave emigrants who founded the Archdiocese. Welcome home, dear brothers," deputy head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations Archpriest Nikolay Balashov told Interfax.

Thus he commented the recent news from Paris that absolute majority of exarchate clergy decided to reunite with the Mother-Church.

"Sensible decision of most archdiocesan clergy will allow it to preserve the succession, the integrity of the majority of its communities, continuation of its mission in countries of Western Europe," the Moscow Patriarchate official believes.

Late last year the Constantinople Synod unilaterally abolished "the Russian exarchate", this decision made the latter search for new options of its canonical future.