2019-09-19 21:35:00

Head of the Jewish community of Russia approves of rejuvenation procedures

Moscow, September 19, Interfax - President of the Federation of the Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda says that he does not see anything bad in “injections of beauty.”

“Tora does not say anything about “injections of beauty” or other procedures of such kind, but I don’t see anything bad in them,” the rabbi said during his live video in Instagram answering the questions of his subscribers.

He explaines that a person who looks fine feels better, his self-esteem is higher, he is more confident and has less complexes. If we speak about a married woman, thus she becomes more attractive for her husband and strengthens their marriage.

“I don’t know anything about medical consequences of such procedures, but if they don’t inflict any harm to health, I don’t see any problem in these procedures that make women more beautiful,” the rabbi said.