2019-09-16 13:20:00

Israel condemns defacing of monument to Holocaust victims in Ukraine's Nikolaev Region, demands perpetrators be punished

Kiev, September 16, Interfax - Ukrainian police have opened two criminal cases into the defacing of a monument to the Holocaust victims in the village of Bogdanovka, the Nikolaev Region.

The regional police department said on its Facebook account on Monday that the law enforcement had been notified by local residents on September 15 that a memorial sign to the Holocaust victims in Bogdanovka had been defaced.

Investigators began criminal proceedings on a count of "defacing or destruction of a communal grave or a tomb of the unknown soldier, a monument built in commemoration of those who fought against Nazism during WWII."

They additionally opened a criminal case on a count of "violation of the people's equality depending on their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or other grounds."

Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Joel Lion condemned the vandalizing of the monument.

"This is an anti-Semitic hate crime, no doubt, I'm calling upon the Ukrainian government to strongly condemn this crime and promptly bring the perpetrators to justice," Lion wrote on Twitter.

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Kislitsa also insisted on investigating the crime.

"This shameful act of vandalism of strong antisemitic manifestation, use of Nazi symbols must be investigated by police&charges pressed against suspects. Jews&their heritage is part of Ukraine's history&present hence it's crime against Ukraine by its enemies," he wrote on Twitter.