2019-09-11 10:53:00

Guilt of men charged with attempted murder of Imam Chumakov unproven - Ingushetia jury

Magas, September 11, Interfax - Locals charged in a high-profile case involving the attempted murder of Khamzat Chumakov, a prominent public figure and the imam of the Nasyr-Kort mosque, have been convicted by jury in the Nazran District Court, but not of attempted murder, the court told Interfax.

"The jury acquitted the defendants of an attempt to murder the imam and convicted them of illegal storage of weapons and munitions (Article 222). On the basis of a verdict reached by the jury, the court handed down a sentence and sentenced one of the defendants to seven years in prison, and the second one to four and a half years in prison," the source said.

The third defendant was released in the courtroom, the source said.

On October 2, 2017, the public relations center of the Russian Federal Security Service said an attack against an Ingush preacher using a powerful homemade explosive device had been averted. Two members of a gang were detained. Homemade explosive devices, which were ready to be used, were found in their residences.

A source in the region's law enforcement structures said the preacher was Imam Chumakov. The criminals intended to blow up a car stuffed with explosives after a Friday prayer, the source said.

It was the third attempt to kill the imam. The first attack against Chumakov took place in 2010. An explosive device was then placed under his car. He was injured by the explosion and lost his leg, but survived. In March 2016, a car stuffed with shrapnel was blown up. The imam was practically unhurt and only sustained bruises.

The attack against the imam is linked to his ministry activities.