2019-09-09 11:56:00

The Russian Church official call modern Russian men a "national tragedy"

Moscow, September 9, Interfax - Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, the head of the Patriarch's Commission on Family Affairs, calls modern Russian men weak and considers it the reason of having few children in families and “female education”.

“Our men is our national tragedy,” the priest said in his conversation with representatives of the Syzran Diocese.

Father Dimitry accepts that there are some real men in Russia. He reminded about the recent cases when Special Forces officers tried to defend women on the street and were killed by the attackers. “But there are few of them. But they do not exist in national scale, no men to choose a groom from”, he said.

The priest believes it a mistake of Soviet propaganda that forced “the strong Russian women, who were able to give birth to 10 children, to work outside their homes.” “When you have 12 children, there could not be any work,” Father Dimitry is convinced, “a man should work, and he got stronger at that work. And their children got stronger in competitive struggle: they beat each other and younger did not make older relax. (...) And today any boy is weak, his grandma, his mother and father insult him, schoolmates offend him and so on.”

“The school is totally feminine, the Church feminine, mothers presses their husbands, who are also mamma’s boys, and even when he looks for a wife, he in fact looks for a second mother who will breastfeed him while he is watching TV. What can he do? May be he is keen on sport? No, he can only shout fan slogans before a TV screen.”

The priest suggests to “prepare new people” collecting boys who lack masculine education and sending them to special schools under guidance of the best officers.