2019-09-05 15:57:00

Jerusalem Patriarch takes the side of Russian Church in the "Ukrainian question"

Moscow, September 5, Interfax - Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem stated his firm support of the canonical Ukrainian Church that all the year through has been attacked by the authorities and the church structure set up by Constantinople.

"I recognize only one Orthodox Church in Ukraine headed by Metropolitan Onufry," Patriarch Theophilos said at his meeting with Metropolitan Pavel of Minsk and Zaslavl.

The Russian Orthodox Church reported at its official website on Thursday that the patriarch stressed that according to the holy fathers the schism was the hardest sin against the Divine love, which lays in foundation of the church unity.

The Jerusalem Patriarch confessed that he deeply grieved over the situation in Ukraine.

The head of the Byelorussian Orthodox Church thanked Patriarch Theophilos for his firm position in standing for unity of Orthodoxy, which, according to him, would be unbreakable, if it preserved its foundation - the canonical order.