2019-08-28 16:58:00

Holocaust victims monument vandalized in southern Ukraine

Kiev, August 28, Interfax - Unidentified individuals have vandalized a monument to 7,000 Jews who were brutally massacred near the village of Vradiyevka in Ukraine's Nikolaev Region, Ukrainian Jewish Committee Director Eduard Dolinsky wrote on his page on a social network.

A photograph accompanying the post shows that the monument was covered with swastikas and obscene inscription.

The Jews to whom the monument was erected were executed at that location in the fall of 1941, when they were moved in a column from the locality of Krivoye Ozero to Domanevka, allegedly for re-settlement, Dolinsky said. "The people had reached only the anti-tank ditch dug out outside Beryozky, where they were executed by shooting. Mostly old people, women, and children were among the dead," he said.