2019-08-26 19:45:00

Monument to Ukrainian nationalists unveiled at Jewish cemetery in Lvov Region

Moscow, August 26, Interfax - A monument to members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN-UPA, banned in Russia) executed in 1944 by the Nazi secret state police, the Gestapo, has been unveiled at a former Jewish cemetery in the town of Sambor, in the Lvov Region of Ukraine, Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky said in a social media post.

Dolinsky said he was outraged by the fact that a monument to "killers of Jews" was installed right "on a mass grave of their victims" and that Svyatoslav Shevchuk, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, identified the killers as righteous people.

"Opening a monument to killers of Jews is not a sign of respect of Christians for Jews! Just the opposite: this is an insult, this is a double killing, this is a disgrace and violation of all moral norms - the foundation of our religions," Dolinsky said.

He quoted Shevchuk as saying at the monument unveiling ceremony that the OUN-UPA members gave their descendants a chance "to build a Ukraine" in which "all people feel at home."

"These words go absolutely against the ideology and practice of the anti-Semitic, totalitarian, dictatorial and xenophobic OUN, whose objective was to cleanse Ukraine of all non-Ukrainians. Svyatoslav's fate would have been sad had he met with his heroes in real life and had told them all this," Dolinsky said.