2019-08-01 15:50:00

Baikal shamans bring sheep and vodka to their gods to help extinguishing fire

Moscow, August 1, Interfax - 40 shamans will hold this Sunday the shamanic rite of kamlanie in order to contribute in extinguishing forest fire, the Moskovsky Komsomolets paper writes on Thursday.

Shamans from Buryatia, Zabaykalye, the Irkutsk Region and Germany will come to the biggest Baikal island Olkhon, which is considered sacred by local believers. Vodka and white sheep will be given to gods, press secretary of Tangery shaman religious organization Oksana Kim.

After the rite, a shaman goes into a dynamic trance with the accompaniment of tambourine. "We believe that this instrument is a "horse" of subtle world which creates a special vibration (...), spirits of our grandparents come down to us. For example, a grandfather who lived a hundred or two hundred years ago. A shaman explains a situation to him, and asks to convey his request to gods," the interviewee of the edition said.

According to him, several years ago it was fire in Barguzin District and local administration requested shamans to hold a rite. "We agreed and it started raining. I don't know if we managed to do it today. The scales are very large", - shamans' representative said.