2019-07-24 17:22:00

Ukrainian Orthodox Church hopes Zelensky's anti-raiding decree will affect religious sphere

Moscow, July 24, Interfax - The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has expressed hope that the new decree on commercial raiding signed by President Vladimir Zelensky will help stop church raids by non-canonical religious organizations.

"Very good. Perhaps this will also stop the church raids which have caused so much suffering to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, whose church buildings are being taken away in raids," the Church's deputy head of external relations, Archpriest Nikolay Danilevich, wrote on Facebook.

Zelensky signed a decree on anti-raiding measures to protect business owners and prevent them from losing their material rights on July 22. According to deputy head of the presidential office Alexey Goncharuk, the decree aims, among other things, to eliminate loopholes that allow raiders to destroy businesses and seize property.

It was reported earlier that since a new Ukrainian Church was created with the backing of the previous administration late last year, dozens of canonical Orthodox churches have been seized in raids.