2019-07-24 13:56:00

Court of Appeal recognized illegal the Ukrainian state’s attempt to rename the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Moscow, July 24, Interfax - The 6th Kiev Administrative Court of Appeal refused to satisfy an appeal of the Culture Ministry on renaming the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and left in force the decision of the District Administrative Court on suspending forceful renaming of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Pervy Kazatsky Youtube channel informs.

As was reported, on December 20, 2018, the Verhovnaya Rada adopted a law obliging the Ukrainian Orthodox Church indicate reference to the Russian Orthodox Church in its name. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church considered it an attempt to take away its historically and juridically registered name and said it going to appeal to the Constitutional Court.

On March 23, not long before the presidential elections, the District Administrative Court of Kiev opened a case on the claim of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church about recognizing illegal the decision of the Culture Ministry which obliged it to refer to the Moscow Patriarchate in its name, and on April 22 this court suspended the process of forceful renaming of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

In its turn, the Culture Ministry filed an appeal, which has been rejected today.