2019-07-22 11:34:00

Georgian campaigners for gay propaganda ban hand out treats for signatures

Tbilisi, July 22, Interfax - Georgian anti-LGBT activists campaigning for a ban on gay propaganda have begun gathering signatures outside the construction site of a Church of Our Lady of Iveron in Zugdidi, the administrative center of Western Georgia.

Nearby, the organizers threw a big street party welcoming everyone who signed the petition, the Georgian media said.

The process is overseen by representatives from the For a united and moral Georgia movement led by its leader Guram Palavandishvili, who were joined by the businessman Levan Vasadze, a staunch supporter of traditional values.

The petition is two-point, the media said. The first point calls for change to the non-discrimination law, which bans all forms of discrimination, and demands the removal of the terms "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" from the law. The second point calls on legislature to ban the propaganda of homosexuality.

The movement's leaders have repeatedly stated that their task is to get national parliament to repeal the non-discrimination law which enabled the LGBT community "to propagate their views and way of life in the society." Their demand is actively supported by the Georgian Orthodox Church.