2019-07-08 18:41:00

Almost half of Jewish Europeans considering emigrating over antisemitism - report

Moscow, July 8, Interfax - Over 40% of Jewish people living in Europe want to leave it, according to a report of the European Jewish Congress (EJC).

"Forty-four percent have considered emigrating because they did not feel safe living there as a Jewish person, and 45% of young Jewish Europeans choose not to wear, carry or display distinguishable Jewish items in public because there are concerned about their safety," the EJC press service said in a statement obtained by Interfax on Monday.

In addition, 44% of respondents said that they encountered antisemitic insults and harassment at least once in the past year.

The results were obtained in a survey of over than 2,700 Jews aged 16-34 in twelve EU countries, where over 96% of the estimated Jewish European population live.