2019-07-08 17:44:00

Filaret 'Moscow's ally' - Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Moscow, July 8, Interfax - Ukraine's new church (Orthodox Church of Ukraine) has criticized the interview given by Filaret Denisenko to Rossiya 24 television, in which he criticized Constantinople and his former associates, speaking in Russian.

"His illness has changed him beyond recognition. Outwardly everything seems the same as usual. But I can't even imagine OUR Patriarch giving an interview to the Kremlin propaganda, knowing why they need it, to further destroy Ukraine. His illness has made him an actual ally of Moscow in the fight against the tomos," Orthodox Church of Ukraine spokesman Yevstratiy Zorya wrote on Facebook, saying that Filaret had "hit a new low" by giving the interview.

Moscow is taking advantage of Filaret's illness to "belittle and destroy him, and he is not capable of understanding that," Yevstratiy said.

"A healthy Ukrainian can't give an interview to a Russian television channel," he said.