2019-07-02 18:03:00

Filaret declares tomos granted by Constantinople to Ukraine false

Kiev, July 2, Interfax - Honorary patriarch of the new church of Ukraine (OCU) Filaret Denisenko has expressed disappointment in the situation surrounding the tomos granted by the patriarch of Constantinople, which did not result in countering the Ukrainian split.

"The tomos didn't do us any good; on the contrary, only harm," Filaret said in an interview with the TV channel ZIK.

He said that at his meeting with former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko, which was attended by the OCU head, it was agreed that Filaret would head the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate and Yepifaniy would represent the OCU in the outside world. "But it wasn't like that in reality. So we got the tomos, but this tomos did Ukraine more harm than good," Filaret said.

He complained that the tomos split the great Church of the Kiev Patriarchate into two parts, and in Ukraine, as a result, "three churches still remain: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, the so-called OCU, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate."

According to Filaret, everyone, especially Poroshenko, who "signed secret agreements with Constantinople," is to blame for this situation.

The OCU's dependency on Constantinople is shown, among other things, by Constantinople's appointing a Greek vicar bishop for Yepifaniy "so he would inform Patriarch Bartholomew about the life of the Ukrainian Church and convey the ecumenical patriarch's instructions to the primate," Filaret said.

"Tell me, what autocephalous church has such relations? The Russian one doesn't, the Romanian one doesn't, and we, having received the tomos of autocephaly, became dependent. This tomos is false, therefore we reject this tomos," Filaret said.

Last week, the synod of the new Church of Ukraine deprived Filaret of the right to head the Kiev Diocese. A few days before this, Filaret said that he did not agree with Constantinople's actions in Ukraine and would restore the Kiev Patriarchate, which had voluntarily disbanded before the OCU's establishment.