2019-07-01 10:55:00

Soil from royal family burial site in Yekaterinburg to be re-examined - Memorial of Romanovs foundation

Yekaterinburg, July 1, Interfax - Experts will conduct a re-examination of the soil from the site on the Koptyakovskaya Road in Yekaterinburg, where the remains of the murdered members of the Romanov royal family were found in 1989, Ilya Korovin, the head of the charitable foundation Memorial of the Romanovs told Interfax.

"According to conspiracy theorists, there was a peat bog on the Koptyakovskaya Road and the DNA, in their view, could not have been preserved in such conditions. An examination of the soil is necessary to confirm or deny the existence of the peat bog. It is worthy of note that there has never been a bog required for peatlands to form in the two sites, where the relics of the Romanovs and their associates were found," Korovin said.

The experts of the Russian Investigative Committee collected the samples of the soil at a request of the Moscow Patriarchate, he said.

The press service for the Russian Investigative Committee's branch for the Sverdlovsk Region refrained from commenting, citing the absence of information.

In 1989, the remains that were identified as those of the royal family members by a state commission had been found in the Porosenkov Ravine outside Yekaterinburg. In 2018, an examination confirmed again that they belonged to the family of Nicolas II. However, the Russian Orthodox Church still has not agreed with these conclusions.