2019-07-01 10:39:00

Elton John musical genius but errs on issue of attitudes towards gays in Russia Putin

Osaka, July 1, Interfax - The British singer and gay rights campaigner Elton John is a musical genius but errs in some of his views, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"I have a lot of respect for him, he is a musical genius, we all love listening to him. But I think he is deluding himself," Putin told a press conference after the G20 summit when asked to comment on the singer's remarks about Putin's hypocrisy on the problem of sexual minorities.

"I did not twist anything here. We really have very sensible attitudes towards the LGBT community. Very calm and unbiased," Putin said.

The Russian law, which has been criticized by some countries, bans homosexuality among children, he recalled.

"Let the person grow up, become an adult and decide who they are. Leave children alone. I already said in one interview: five or six genders have already been thought up, I don't even understand what that is," Putin said.

The problem is that "this section of society has been quite aggressive in imposing its point view on an overwhelming majority.

"[People] should be more tolerant towards one another, more open and transparent. I said nothing extraordinary here. Everyone must be respected, that is true. But you cannot impose your views forcibly," Putin said.