2019-06-07 15:30:00

Russian Catholics don’t believe in islamization of Europe

Moscow, June 7, Interfax - General secretary of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russia priest Igor Kovalevsky is sure that ongoing migrants flow to Europe will not result in islamization of the Old World.

“Any historical processes, even negative, always stimulate the Church and move it to reflections,” he said at a Moscow press conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Vatican state.

Answering the question, whether Europe is able to cope with onset of Islam, he said: “I am deeply convinced that these processes will stimulate the Catholic Church to active sermon of the Gospels, to active mission, and it is the most important.”

The church official reminded that several years ago when the migration crisis sharpened, the general secretary of the German Episcopal Conference said: “We will go on preaching the Gospel.”

Father Igor drew a parallel of the present times with the old days when the Roman empire collapsed and the barbaric tribes, which ruined it, finally became Christians. “Rome is the eternal city, it is called such not by chance, and I am sure it will remain eternal for ages,” the priest said.

Historian of Vatican Alexey Yudin noted that “Rome can work with barbarians, including Vatican”, and expressed opinion that “nothing catastrophic” happened to Europe’s spiritual identity.

He illustrated that the Catholic Church can change its tactics with the example of the acting pontiff. “To see people in barbarians and bring Christ to them is Pope Francis’ mission today and his behavior is not ordinary for a traditional image of the Pope of Rome. It is also about changes in the Church,” Yudin believes.