2019-05-28 18:42:00

Protests against construction of churches plotted by outside forces - Russian Orthodox Church

Moscow, May 28, Interfax - Protests against building churches are the work of outside forces, because the construction of every church is agreed on with the public and few are normally opposed, Patriarch Kirill's press secretary priest Alexander Volkov said.

"I am not aware of a particular example where someone would be so fiercely opposed to the construction of churches, and all these protests, including in Moscow, that were held, they were 90% pre-planned outside, this is simply a medical fact," Father Alexander told a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday.

The Russian Orthodox Church always takes into account the public opinion and position, he said.

"Occasionally someone may complain about the public-hearing procedure itself, but they should rather complain not about the procedure but people's being somewhat passive," Volkov said.