2019-05-27 18:37:00

Yekaterinburg residents offer some 50 sites for church construction

Yekaterinburg, May 27, Interfax - The Yekaterinburg administration has received from the city residents several dozens of options of sites for the construction of the Church of St. Catherine, the city administration said on its official portal.

"Forty-eight options were submitted as of May 27, not including overlapping proposals," the report said.

The sites are located both in the city center and on the outskirts, for example on Island Baran, on the Koltsovsky Tract, in the Sortirovka area, at Khimmash, Elmash, and in the Akademichesky neighborhood. The options also include the 1905 Goda Square, the Labor Square, and the site where a television tower, which has now been demolished, was located.

Mass protests against the construction of the church in the park on Oktyabrskaya Square in downtown Yekaterinburg began on May 13 after the potential construction site was fenced off.

On May 18, a week after protests and detentions, and also the statements made by President Vladimir Putin on the events, Kuivashev asked Yekaterinburg residents to discuss alternative sites for the construction of the church.

On May 20, the Yekaterinburg administration announced a collection of citizens' proposals on possible sites for building the church, which will last ten days. The fence around the public garden was removed.

A poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) shows that 74% of the respondents do not think the park is a good place to build the church.