2019-05-22 15:57:00

Teen suspected of setting fire to Assumption Church in Karelia found to have mental disorder

Petrozavodsk, May 22, Interfax - The investigation into the case against a 16-year-old boy charged with setting fire to the 18th century Assumption Church in Kondopoga, Karelia, in August 2018 has been completed, the press service for the Russian Investigative Committee said in a statement on Wednesday.

"A forensic evaluation shows that the boy has a mental disorder that prevents him from realizing the actual nature and danger posed by his actions to the public and from directing them," the statement said.

The teenager is accused of deliberate destruction of property leading to the infliction of considerable damage carried out by means of arson.

"In this regard, the criminal case was sent to court for forcible medical measures to be used on the minor," the statement said.

The Kondopoga District prosecutors told Interfax the boy is now receiving treatment in a psychiatric clinic, but his treatment is not connected to the church arson.

According to earlier reports, a fire practically completely destroyed the 18th century Assumption Church in Kondopoga on August 10, 2018. The abovementioned teenager is suspected of setting fire to the church. He was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation outside Karelia. The region's Children's Rights Commissioner Gennady Sarayev told Interfax the boy had been ordered to undergo treatment.

The Assumption Church is a unique monument of wooden architecture and a federal object of cultural heritage. It was built in 1764. It was provided state security by a decree issued by the RSFSR Council of Ministers in 1960. The total area of the monument is 260.3 square meters.