2006-06-01 12:00:00

'Parade of love' participants profane a Catholic church in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, June 1, Interfax - The Catholics in St. Petersburg are outraged by an event that happened last Saturday, the Day of the City, on the square at the church of St. Catherine of Alexandria.

'The stage erected without the knowledge of St. Catherine's parish was used throughout the night for dirty dances and vulgar performances put on by stripped women and transvestites, which insulted not only the feelings of believers who came for the service but also every decent city-dweller who came for the city celebrations with their children', the parish website reports.

Parishioners said the loud music accompaniment made it impossible to conduct the evening service, while a group and drunken viewers blocked the passage to the church's main entrance.

'The viewers of the so-called 'parade of love', organized by a club popular among gays in St. Petersburg, without ceremony broke into the church and created an uproar, splitting bottles among themselves and satisfying their physical needs at the church's main porch and basement entries', the report stresses.

The parish leaders have stated that their sacred place was thus desecrated and placed responsibility for it on the organizers of the show.