2019-05-16 18:40:00

Communications Ministry: 1,300 families give up TV for religious reasons

Moscow, May 16, Interfax - A total of 130,000 families live in 28 regions outside digital broadcasting and 2,000 families still remain without broadcasting for religious reasons or because of asocial conduct, Russian Deputy Communications Minister Alexey Volin said.

"Of those, 2,000 families are still without television. Of these families, 1,300 said they have given up television for religious reasons. The others are asocial elements; they don't need television, getting their visions from something else. Some don't even have electricity for months," Volin said at a meeting in the Federation Council on Thursday.

"A total of 900 million rubles is reserved for assistance to socially poor people" in the regions of the third stage to connect to digital broadcasting, he said.

"A total of 382,129 families, of whom some 300,000 already have television, live outside the zone of coverage [of digital broadcasting in the regions of the third stage]," Volin said.

The largest disconnection from analogue broadcasting in Europe will take place in June, Volin said. There are sixty-two million people living in the Russian regions being disconnected from analogue broadcasting.