2019-05-15 19:15:00

Protests against church construction in downtown Yekaterinburg continue for third night in row

Yekaterinburg, May 15, Interfax - Yet another unauthorized protest against the construction of a church in central Yekaterinburg is taking place on Wednesday evening, an Interfax correspondent reported from the scene.

At the future construction site, a major fence is being erected in place of the metal one which the protestors tried to remove on the two previous nights, throwing parts of it into a pond.

The protestors maintain calm behavior and there are police officers, road patrol and riot police vans.

It was reported that last September it was decided to build a cathedral of the Great Martyr Saint Catherine in place of the small park in Oktyabrskaya Square. Some local residents opposed the idea and applied for a referendum on the issue. The authorities turned down the application.

On May 13 a fence emerged around the future construction site. Later that evening locals held their first protest which continued into the morning hours.

On May 14, a second unauthorized protest was held amid police and National Guard presence. Twenty-six people were detained. Three were injured and hospitalized.