2019-05-15 14:57:00

Orthodox priest advises females who found no husband in Russia to move abroad

Moscow, May 15, Interfax - Women who have not managed to find a worthy prospective husband in Russia should look for a life companion in other places, such as Africa, Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, head of the patriarchal commission for family, motherhood and children, said.

"There are very many young single men there. And in China, even more. No problem (...) Just go ahead and leave. The earth is round," the priest told Radio Radonezh.

The world is a "machine for applying talents, labor, and so on, and there's need for people everywhere," he said.

When a phone-in caller remarked that "one wants a little bit of happiness" Smirnov replied by suggesting to raise the bar of expectations: "Why a little bit? Full measure is what's needed. And this happiness can only be found in God." He then renewed his call for Russian women to live more actively. "It's about moving," the priest said, recalling proverbs that "you can't pull fish out of a pond without hard work" and "water doesn't flow under a settled stone."