2006-05-31 14:05:00

Latvian Prime Minister is against marches of sex minorities in Riga

Riga, May 31, Interfax - Latvian prime minister Aigars Kalvitis believes that marches of sexual minorities in the downtown Riga cold bring about disturbances and confusion.

Latvia is a democratic country, and we cannot prohibit people from gathering. However, the main issue is security of people and ensuring of pubic order. Therefore, I do not think that the downtown Riga is the best place for such marches,' Kalvitis said on LNT TV channel on Wednesday.

The premier noted that it was up to Riga's City Council and security agencies to allow the march or not, but the government would monitor it.'

The first gay and lesbian parade Rigas Praids - 2005 took place in Riga in 2005. As the parade is planned this year as well, the public began discussing where it should be held or whether it should be allowed.

Last year Riga City Council first agreed on the parade, but later annulled its own decision. The court ruled the decision to be unfounded, and sexual minorities marched along the downtown Riga in columns under rainbow flags.