2019-05-13 19:01:00

The Russian Orthodox Church official believes USSR victory in World War II is people's merit, not Stalin

Moscow, May 13, Interfax - Head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion urges not to return to Stalin's cult of personality and not to attribute victory in World War II to him.

"Every time when we touch upon this topic, I remind that there is Butovo Shooting Range not far from Moscow, where everyone who admire Stalin should go, who worship him, and see what consequences his policy had," the metropolitan said on the Church and the World program on the television channel Rossiya-24.

He said that Stalin was responsible for repressions of 1920-1930s, and the Church has "clearly" expressed its attitude to them when it canonized new martyrs and confessors.

Speaking about Stalin's personal role in the Victory, the metropolitan said that there are too many disputes over this question, especially over actions of the head of the state aimed at weakening the army in the 1930s.

According to him, many outstanding military commanders were executed and accused in treason, and the army was "absolutely" not ready to this war. He recommended to recall that the facts about planned invasion were reported to Stalin, but he ignored these reports, including information provided by Richard Sorge.

"That's why it is impossible to say the Victory in World War II is Stalin's merit. I think it is the merit of all people, which was attributed to Stalin because of the cult of personality. I don't think that we should revive this cult now," Metropolitan Hilarion said.