2019-05-13 17:19:00

A thousand of Russian students joined the March of Life in Auschwitzh

Moscow, May 13, Interfax - A group of Jewish students from Russia held the March of Life on Sunday in memorial complex Auschwitzh-Birkenau not far from the town of Auschwitz.

"Our enemies wanted to eliminate our nation entirely, that is why we should restore Jewish life, strengthen our spirit in observing commandments of the Torah, set up Jewish families," Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, addressing the participants in the march.

He urged all people of good will to unite against misanthropic ideologies and regretted that the number of xenophobic and antisemitic manifestations have recently grown all around the world and especially in Europe.

In his turn rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who has lost his two fingers in terrorist attack in synagogue in American town of Poway, urged young people not to conceal their Jewish origin.

"When the terrorist who shot dead our parishioner pointed his gun at me, I had a choice: to lay down on the ground or to try to prevent other victims. I jumped up on him and closed the gun with my hands, so I lost my two fingers. I urge all young people present here to declare your Jewry and proudly carry out the light of the Torah to people," he said.

Resuming the ceremony, the students lighted the candles to commemorate those who were killed in the camp. Then the column of students headed by rabbis marches through the camp.

The March of Life is held in memorial complex Auschwitzh-Birkenau each year. Thus Jews remind society about Holocaust and attract attention of the world community to recently raising problems of xenophobia and antisemitism.