2019-05-06 18:14:00

Russia's chief rabbi calls on Israelis to make no compromises with Hamas

Moscow, May 6, Interfax - Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar has opposed negotiations with the Palestinian organization Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip.

In the past two days, Hamas fired 690 missiles at civilian facilities in Israel; the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted 240 of them. Four people were killed and some 140 injured. Reports regarding a ceasefire agreement emerged on the morning of May 6.

"Yet again, the international community's attention is focused on the Gaza Strip, new attacks of terrorists against the Jewish state, and Israel's response to this new outbreak of terror. You can be sure that our hearts are now with the relatives of the victims of Palestinian terrorism, and that we are praying for a speedy recovery of the injured and for our brothers to finally find peace and reliable security," the rabbi said in a statement obtained by Interfax.

Compromises are pointless, because "it's the same as calling for negotiations with mass murderers," Lazar said.

When the Israeli government decided to give the Gaza Strip to local leaders for administration, they received dozens of prosperous agricultural settlements, he said. Jewish residents were evacuated from these settlements, but "instead of using the buildings, equipment and developed infrastructure, Palestinians looted and destroyed everything and turned the land that was given to them into a base for terrorism," Lazar said.

"It is a clear response to supporters of the idea of a 'political compromise', those who've been insisting for decades that Palestinians are engaged in terrorism because they have no money, no work, no rights. [...] Once, they were given everything on a silver platter, and the result is clear to everyone who has eyes," he said.

Lazar condemned the use of civilians on the Gaza Strip as human shields and pointed out that terrorists "from behind women and children's backs shoot despicably at women and children on the other side of the border themselves."

The rabbi called on civilized countries to explicitly recognize as terrorist any parties and groups that kill civilians to achieve their goals. "Terrorists always remain terrorists, no matter what grand words they hide behind. And the only way to stop terrorists is by outlawing them everywhere," Lazar said.