2019-05-06 12:30:00

The Russian Orthodox Church is concerned with blurring of Europe’s cultural code

*** Migration policy should not be illegible, Metropolitan Hilarion believes

Moscow, May 6, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church is concerned with migration policy of European countries, which results in blurring their traditional culture.

"Cultural transcoding has failed, and it certainly creates a very serious problem. Migration policy should not be illegible - it should take into consideration cultural code of the country’s population, it should not expose this cultural code to the risk," head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion said on the Church and the World program on the TV channel Rossiya-24.

According to him, too liberal migration legislation results in changing demographic balances and in future can lead to "very serious internal conflicts."

He pointed out to the example of immigrants from former colonies in France. "If we speak about the so-called integration of those who came from the countries of "the third world" into life of the French capital, such integration has failed in the majority of cases," the metropolitan said.

According to him, many people, coming from their countries, live in France as if they in their motherland: they set up a kind of ghetto, whole quarters are inhabited by immigrants from other countries and "when you visit such a quarter, it seems to you that you arrived in Algeria, rather than in Paris, France."