2019-04-22 21:16:00

Rehabilitating Bandera's supporters may end in Ukraine under Zelensky - Russian Jewish community leader

Moscow, April 22, Interfax - President of the Federation of Russian Jewish Communities Alexander Boroda said he hopes that the practice of rehabilitating Stepan Bandera's supporters in Ukraine during Vladimir Zelensky's presidency will be stopped.

"Now, it's difficult and too early to make any forecasts and conclusions, let's wait and see what changes will be made in the future and what course of development the new president will take. But, electing Zelensky as president certainly indicates certain things," Boroda told Interfax on Monday, commenting on the results of the Ukrainian presidential election.

The Ukrainian people "are in a desperate situation at some extent: Mr Zelensky is not a professional politician after all, but people are more inclined to entrust their future to him than to experienced politicians," he said.

"The nationalistic tendency in outgoing President Pyotr Poroshenko's policy has brought rather the opposite effect: economic and social crises in Ukraine appeared to be much acuter than pressing for the ideas of ethnic domination," the Jewish community leader added.

"I want to hope that events, which have taken place in recent years, that is, the rehabilitation of fascist collaborationists, bestowing the titles of hero on Stepan Bandera's followers, will be stopped after all. And, in general, I want to believe that the situation in Ukraine will improve, though, we certainly do not know what awaits the country in the future," Boroda said.