2006-05-30 15:11:00

Sexual minorities plan to hold annual gay rallies in Moscow

Moscow, May 30, Interfax - Sexual minorities plan to hold another gay rally in Moscow next year and to make it an annual event in the future, Nikolay Alexeyev, leader of the GayRussia.Ru project told Interfax on Tuesday.

‘The 27th of May has been for us so far an anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1993 in Russia. But the gay parade in 2006 in Moscow and the situation in which it was held has given much more weight to this date’, the agency’s interlocutor said.

Thus he said people of non-traditional sexual orientation plan ‘to raise rainbow flags over Moscow again’ on May 27, 2007, as symbols of gay community.

The next year Alexeyev reported will be used by Russian gays and lesbians to challenge in courts of various instances up to the Strasbourg one the ban imposed on the ‘queer march’ in Moscow. To this end, they intend to hire lawyers from abroad, including the well-known London-based gay Professor Robert Wintmute who is said to succeed in a great deal of cases on behalf of sexual minorities.

Alexeyev said he does not regard non-traditional sexual orientation as deviation from norm. ‘Homosexuality is the same norm as heterosexuality, and it is only pseudo-doctors who disagree with it’, he noted.

The organizer of the gay rally also expressed disagreement with those who see in such actions an insult to public morality. ‘It is absolutely all the same to me what the patriarch and all this followers think about it. He can preach it in his church. We are a secular state, and I live according to the law of a secular state, not according to the Bible’, he stressed.

He said ‘even if 99% of the Russians are against gay parades, it does not matter at all, as there is a minority whose rights are to be respected just as the rights of the rest’.