2019-03-19 10:55:00

Metropolitan Onufry believes Ukrainian Orthodox Church will overcome the schism

Moscow, March 19, Interfax - Ambassadors and representatives of six diplomatic missions participated in the Divine liturgy celebrated by Metropolitan Onufry at the Laura of Caves in Kiev on the Day of Triumph of Orthodoxy.

Ambassador of Byelorussia Igor Sokol, Charge d'affaires of Russia Alexander Lukashik, representatives of diplomatic missions of Greece, Moldova, Romania, Serbia attended the service, the Information Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reports.

"Today Orthodoxy in Ukraine and in the whole world goes through difficult trials, we all know about them. Our heart should not be scared. We firmly believe that the Holy Orthodox Church will overcome these trials as a victory-bearer, it has happened in history many times. It will be the time when the Holy Church will celebrate the victory over current schisms," the metropolitan told diplomats after the service.

The creation of the local Orthodox church of Ukraine backed by the Constantinople Patriarchate and independent of the Moscow Patriarchate was announced at the unification assembly in Kiev on December 15. The new church is made up of representatives of the country's uncanonical church structures. The head of the new church received a tomos on autocephaly from Patriarch Bartholomew on January 6.

No other Orthodox Churches have recognized the new church or agreed to send a delegation to the enthronement.