2019-03-19 10:53:00

Many-thousand processions with cross held in Ukraine

Moscow, March 19, Interfax - Mass processions with cross were held by believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in many cities and towns of the country on the Triumph of Orthodoxy celebrated on the first Sunday of the Great Lent.

One of the most numerous processions with cross was held in Odessa, it was headed by ruling archbishop of the region - Metropolitan Agafangel. Over 10,000 people participated in the march, press-service of the local diocese reports.

Over 2,000 participants marched during the procession with cross in Kiev: it started in the lavra (monastery) after the divine service celebrated by Metropolitan Onufry, it was attended by representatives of six states, the procession first moved to the Vladimirskaya Hill.

"There near the monument to St. Vladimir main celebrations took place. According to the traditions of this feast, believers and representatives of Orthodox brotherhoods proclaimed anathema to those who destroy the Church, including Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople," head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church press service told Interfax.

Then the procession with cross moved to the monument to St. Olga, then to St. Sophia of Kiev Cathedral where late in December Ukrainian authorities held a council to establish a new Ukrainian church constituted by representatives of non-canonical organizations. Participants in the procession with cross blessed the ancient cathedral with the holy water and prayed for returning it back to the Church, then they marched along the city’s main street – Khreschatik.

As was reported to Interfax, processions with cross were also held in Zaporozhye, Chernigov, Rovno and other cities and towns. In Zaporozhye there were thrice as many people as in previous years. "Tomos has helped," the interviewee of the agency said.

"Such wide-scale marches are inspiring moment for people, they give hope for the whole country as the Orthodox believers are ready to remain faithful to their native Church in spite of all threats," Anisimov said.